When tooth loss occurs, there is no treatment that is quite as effective as dental implants. These ingenious devices will let you chew food normally and smile proudly.

Dental Implants in NewnanTooth loss can happen for a number of different reasons. Some of the most common causes are injury, declining oral health and severe gum disease. When a person loses a tooth, it is imperative that they obtain a top-quality restoration. Missing just one tooth can present difficulties in chewing food, and it can damage a person’s smile. The individual will likely have trouble speaking clearly, and their jawbone may begin to weaken and deteriorate. This can lead to facial structure loss, bite imbalances and unwanted tooth shifts. Thankfully, dental implants are a highly effective method for treating this problem and preventing further issues. Dental implants are one of our main focuses at Smiles Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, and we take tremendous pride in our offerings.

Dental implants are titanium metal structures that are surgically inserted into the jawbone. These structures are then used to support crowns, bridges and even entire dentures as needed.

While a crown, bridge or denture serves as the actual replacement, the implants provide the necessary support to keep the structure steady and secure at all times. A good way to understand dental implants is that they function as prosthetic tooth roots. This is absolutely crucial for ensuring the best performing replacement.

But dental implants do more than just keeping prosthetic teeth held in place. The medical-grade titanium implants also provide the benefit of fusing with the jawbone over time. This provides much-needed strength for the structure, and it prevents the bone from weakening or decaying over time. The strong support provided from dental implants also helps any replacement teeth to feel remarkably natural. Many people who receive dental implants claim that they do not even notice the difference between their replacement teeth and their natural ones. Smiles Cosmetic & Family Dentistry is very proud to offer top-quality dental implants in Newnan, Georgia.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are considered the best method for treating tooth loss. They effectively serve as an artificial tooth root system to keep any replacement teeth steady and secure. Dental implants allow prosthetic teeth to function perfectly and feel more natural, and they help to strengthen the jawbone. Dental implants are also incredibly versatile, as they can support crowns, bridges and dentures as needed.

What are dental implants made of?

Dental implants are built from dental-grade titanium metal. This material is exceptionally strong, and it can be safely inserted into the jawbone. Titanium also provides the benefit of being able to fuse with the jawbone. This helps the structure maintain strength, and it prevents the bone deterioration that commonly occurs with tooth loss.

Do dental implants hurt?

Dental implants involve a relatively minor oral surgery. The procedure has an extremely high success rate. We use dental sedation to ensure that the patient is kept relaxed and comfortable the entire time. The recovery period following the procedure is usually completed in just a matter of weeks.

How much are dental implants?

Each patient has unique needs that determine the cost of dental implants. To determine what your dental implants will cost, schedule your appointment today.

Come to Smiles Cosmetic & Family Dentistry for top-of-the-line dental implants. We know that tooth loss is a troubling issue, and our caring team of dental professionals are here to provide you with an effective solution. Please call us at (770) 637-7428 to schedule an appointment.